HeliSki flight from Verbier le Châble to Petit Combin



Verbier Le Châble to Petit Combin
3 Riders
CHF 900.-

HeliSki flight from Sion to Wildhorn



Sion to Wildhorn
3 riders
CHF 900.-

HeliSki flight from Bec de Nendaz to Rosablanche



Bec de Nendaz to Rosablanche
4 riders
CHF 975.-


Sick of crowded ski resorts? Looking for a big thrill and wild landscapes to ski? Then Heliski will make your dreams come true!

Minimal hassle, long runs, great terrain and tons of powder skiing

Drop from a helicopter and leave for an outstanding adventure, skiing deep pure powder. If you are fond of thrilling performances, you cannot miss the heliski challenge. The experience begins as soon as you step into the helicopter. As the rotor starts to circle and the machine takes off, you will discover wilderness as far the eye can see. We offer you to discover the best freeride spots in the Swiss Alps

Flying over untouched summits, the open landscape will reveal itself. This unforgettable adventure combines long descents and breathtaking landscapes that every skier will find challenging. Heliski is also one amazing opportunity to use your GoPro and share your exciting performance with your friends, and others on our page Facebook, Google + or via our Twitter account.

Your safety is our main priority. We have chosen the best helicopter airline for you, specialized in heliski drops, and all the alpine guides are members of the Certified International Federation of Mountain Guides Association.

You will ride off-trail in destinations renowned for the coverage and the quality of their snow, with maximum safety thanks to a partnership established between helicopter pilots and professional mountain guides. Those highly trained and qualified professionals will allow you to have the freedom to ski in a truly wild and exceptional playground.

If you love to ski or snowboard, there is nothing better than heli-skiing : book your trip and enjoy a unique journey


Where to ski?

We provide heliski experiences in the Swiss Alps, from many ski resorts situated in the Swiss Valley area. Check our website for more suggestions, you can also check our top products valued and recommended by our customers.

Why Heliskiing in the Swiss Alps?

Stellar terrain options with big slopes available, many miles of playground, high caliber terrain for skilled skiers, excellent snow quality due to the highest elevation in the Alps as well as enjoying the great beauty of the Mont-Blanc in the background.

When to make the most of the Heliski adventure?

The heliski services run as from the 1st of January, which usually is a great time to ride with light powder on all aspects.

Practical Information

The first heliski drop starts at 8h30 AM. As the length of descents depends on the weather, snow stability and quality, you can usually manage to enjoy 1 or 2 descents.

Prices include helicopter flights only. You will have to pay the Alpine guide separately : 700 CHF.

All skiers must be able to ski along all types of terrain and get down the mountain in all possible snow conditions.

Safety Notice regarding the helicopter

1. Always follow your guide’s instructions

2. Never approach the helicopter without clearance from the ground staff

3. Never run, always moving slowly in a crouched position around the helicopter

4. Wait at a distance when the helicopter is taking off

5. The ground staff is in charge of opening and closing the doors

6. The ground staff is in charge of carrying your skis and equipment in and out the helicopter

7. Carry your equipment below your hips when moving around the helicopter